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HomeBuyer Inspections



Every homebuyer knows the importance of a home inspection for alerting you to any existing or potential problems with the home you are purchasing.  But did you know that you should also have a separate inspection of the home’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation system?  The average home inspection will not include a thorough HVAC inspection. Basically, a home inspector will turn on the furnace and air conditioner to make sure they come on, and that's about it.  This is not sufficient to ensure you get a detailed picture of the overall condition of the home's HVAC system.


When it comes to home inspections, problems with HVAC systems are often missed during a typical home inspection. While the furnace and air conditioner may appear to be in good working order, there could be underlying problems that only a professional HVAC inspector could catch during a thorough inspection.  The last thing you need is the unexpected  surprise of having a major repair issue in your newly purchased home.

In comparison, the cost of an HVAC inspection is much less expensive than replacing or having to have major repairs made to a furnace or air conditioner.  Having your own separate HVAC inspection is a wise investment that can save you money and prevent you from possibly purchasing a home with heating and cooling problems.  Should a problem be found, you would have the foresight and opportunity  to negotiate a remedy with the sellers prior to closing.   

Contact the experts at Huntsville Heating & Cooling to schedule a complete comprehensive inspection of your prospective home's heating and cooling system.  We are dedicated to providing expert, affordable and dependable service.  Schedule your inspection today by filling out our Online Service Request Form or calling our office at 256-533-4020.

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